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About Us

Our Mission:

Link shortening service solution with ease.

Our Vision:

To communicate the prospect how links attract market.

Customer Reach:

We are committed to enhance our customer reach to their market,by providing a dynamic platform always trying to insure Total Quality Management in our services.

Brand Awareness:

We are facilitating customers in branding their Products by creating Customer relationship Management for strategic purposes.

User Satisfaction:

By increasing our user reach and their brand awareness, we focus on our prospect satisfaction rate of communication and to grow their market by dragging new visitors.

Visitor Retention:

Visitor retention is the utmost priority of our services, so the prospect repurchases of our services by fulfilling its needs and visitor retention of the market is a strategic fit in the marketplace.

Term of Uses of Bitt.Link

The following term and conditions apply when you are using Bit.link

Condition of Uses

The site is available to all the users without age restriction and beyond the boundaries of any country but user has to follow the term of uses:In order to provide a secure service for users it is not allowed to create short links that redirect to URLs having Content:

  • That spreads malware or viruses
  • Pornographic, sexual, violent or prejudiced content
  • Content related to drugs, weapons or drinks
  • Any content that may violate on the rights of others
  • Disgusting, explicit or disgusting content that causes any kind of discomfort to other users
  • Content to collect data and personal information from users

All links are examined by the team periodically, if we notice any kind of abusive behavior that violates our terms of service in shortening links, they will be deleted without notice.

Please read the above mentioned terms of services carefully, as they direct your contract with the use of services of Bitt.Link.

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