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Free URL shortener to generate instant short URLs

What is link shortener?

As the term itselfexplaining that shortening of the link length up to a readable and an understandable format so that a reader can easily understand and does not get confused. It shorts long complicated links also known as URL shortener and link compressor. It is the masking on the long length urls where it redirects to the page linked with it.

Why use link shortener?

  • They generate link presentable and manageable which easier while sharing in emails and on social networking websites.
  • These links take less space and can adjust more link.
  • Link shortens enhanced web surfing experience.
  • It is very useful in sms and email marketing campaigns.
  • People can easily understand the brand
  • It creates memorable links
  • It redirects all traffic to the destination website.

Why to use Bitt.link shortener?

Bitt.link is a free URL shortener which generate uniqueurl with short combination of random letters and also with custom name up to eight character.

Write or paste your URL in the box and click on Generate.

e.g. a shopping site product link

after generating short url the link will look like:


The incredible stats are that 737-characterurl is instantly converted into 25-character url with custom phrase in the end. Future more in the same wayyou can also create bulk short urls.

You can get free bitt link shortener plugin available at Wordpress and extension at Chrome web store.

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